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The Villain
23 May 2017 @ 04:02 pm
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A post for friends at the forums. Open to the public for now.
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The Villain
06 March 2017 @ 06:54 pm
Horizon Zero Dawn has taken much of my time, things haven't gotten better. I've received my tax return, not as big as I'd hope for but what can you do? I've been straying away from the whole always online thing because people annoy me and I've been rather stressed the last couple of months, if you couldn't tell. Since completing Blackgard (with all this free time on my hands it was pretty easy but unexpected.) I've decided to roll into another new project, I want to wait on Aegis until at least the fall... only wanted two projects for this year and I ended up with three, maybe four depends and sees on how where things lead me.

I got Horizon after some bullshit transaction malfunction, I didn't get the preorder bonuses even though I had my receipt from 2015... but at least those fucking bastards gave me a poster. Lunch that day didn't go as planned either. Everyone was just pissing me off. I've become very critical of those who think themselves higher of me but can't do their job that they probably weaseled their way in to get, to save themselves. The more and more I've come to realize, I just hate managers. Most of the ones I've talked over the past couple of months seemed stoned out of their fucking minds and they just don't care. They always seem to dodge my questions, come back at me with corporate spew, excuse after fucking excuse.

It's like you have an ad in the paper, on the store front or online and you won't hire me why? I'm more competent than you are... maybe that's it. Maybe it's not my sexuality but the fact they know I could replace three of them if I pleased which I kind of do, I fucking hate people. I'll have no problem crushing someone after I've been crushed to death under the weight of this year and last. No fucking remorse for it what so ever.

But with that out of the way, it hasn't been all bad this week. Like I've stated, I managed to get Horizon Zero Dawn. I don't get the reasoning for a PS Pro, the game looks and runs beautifully on the original PS4. It's probably more beautiful on a PS Pro but I'm not a graphics whore like most other "gamers" these days. "Oh I need the highest quality of game possible to play it." "It only runs at 1080p, 30FPS" Go fuck yourself with that sentiment honestly. Horizon is a beautiful game with some microscopic problems. And it's been a real easy Platinum game for me, no difficulty trophies abound so I will get it to 100% sooner than later.

I also got my comics on that day, which my comics have been lacking in a certain "engaging" department. Raven is done with her mini series and it was underwhelming, despite being written by Marv Wolfman himself. Jessica Jones, love the character and the tv show but the book is a bit on the boring side. Bendis does this all the time with his writing, usually at least. I got a bunch of other stuff, the free Image previews book, Vampirella issue zero which was just an introduction. I'm glad they gave her the bikini outfit back. I got Wildstorm, issue one out of twenty-five or six I can't remember, it was boring. I did get Elektra issue one, but it, too, was boring. All in all, my comics were boring. I thanked Midtown for the good service and speedy delivery however, what was inside was less exciting which is a complete shame...

Anyways, just wanted to update things. Nothing has changed and I didn't think it will anytime soon. I've grown beyond tired of this state of existing... just want to shut off for a few months.
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